Bella Lacquer featured in Love & Loathing LA

With each new season comes new beauty products. Similar to rotating seasonal flavors at your local ice cream shop, beauty products are a reflection of the time of year as well and must be tested, tried, tasted, and applied accordingly. Typically speaking, what’s delicious during the Winter won’t be as tasty during the Summer, so keeping up with what’s fresh and in season is imperative. (That goes both for ice cream and beauty products.) With the sunniest of seasons upon us I’ve been a very busy girl personally investigating all types of products from the absolute necessities to the just-for-fun ones. (I know, miserable.) I’ve been on the hunt for the best sunscreen to protect my face under my makeup (found it!), and per usual, I’ve been obsessing over all of the Spring/Summer makeup trends such as application of copper/coral tones. Somewhere in between I’ve discovered all kinds of products that we should all get our hands *and faces* on this Summer. So with no further adieu, grab a refreshing beverage and allow me to introduce you to your official Love & Loathing LA guide to the best beauty products for summer!



BELLA LAQUER // Nail Polish // $13

I will ALWAYS have love for my LA based brands doing right by the people by making quality driven products, and Bella Laquer is right up there with the best of ’em. The brand prides themselves of being “5-free” yet miraculously also long-lasting – the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned! Right now you’ve got 13 delicious colors to choose from with some titles that would seriously rival OPI’s, and they’re all just $13.